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Analyses and surveys

The key factor for making qualified decisions is having the necessary data. We carry out a series of analyses and surveys which have been adapted to your business needs. We are in charge of the entire process – from planning to debriefing, implementation and anchoring. Analyses and surveys are extremely efficient and effective tools for adjusting the course of the business and crossing the finishing line.

Making the right decisions is only possible if you have the necessary insights in a given set of problems. That is why our analysis unit is an essential part of our DNA. We perform a series of analyses which have been carefully adjusted according to your specific needs.

Analysis and survey examples:

Employee satisfaction surveys
This survey reveals how committed your employees are and identifies the contributing factors in the well-being of your employees. It has a major impact on the business’s potential for achieving good results.

Satisfied employees have a positive influence on quality, efficiency, productivity, customer satisfaction, absenteeism, loyalty and the possibility of attracting new, qualified employees.

Leader assessments
A 360-degree leader assessment is a well-known model, where the leader, in addition to assessing him/herself, is assessed by his/her own leaders, colleagues and employees.

The purpose is to strengthen the individual leader in his/her own personal development by putting focus on well-known – and/or unknown – strengths, potentials and resources.

Customer satisfaction surveys
Here, the analysis reveals how loyal your customers are, and where the shoe pinches in the customer experience.

Loyal customers are more profitable. They purchase more and come back for more. And often they will recommend you to others (Net Promoter Score). Here, it is profitable to invest, instead of constantly accruting new customers.

THRILL™ analyzes
survey focuses on culture and inhouse collaboration, as a prerequisite for excellent service and customer experience.

THRILL surveys are developed on the basis of close to 30 years of experience and unique achieved results. Our already well-known THRILL method has proved that top-performing teams/businesses create the best customer experiences and are good at being:

Timely, Helpful, Raving, Interested, Listening and Legendary playful.

The analyses can be benchmarked with data from the various business sectors in countries where the analyses are carried out.


Other analyses and surveys
For several years, we have worked with a broad range of analyses which we can tailor to match the needs of your business:

  • Satisfaction surveys
  • APV analyses
  • Loyalty analyses
  • Customer influx and customer defection analyses
  • Needs analyses
    Data, analyse

    Have you heard of Meng NPS? Find out what your customers think of your business.

    The process

    • Identification of needs

      We start the process by identifying your needs. Where does the shoe pinch? What are the potentials and possibilities? What kind of insights do you wish?

    • Preparation of question frame

      We prepare an individual question frame and design a form and a test. We have the skills and the tools to prepare and set up the analysis that is capable of adding value to your business.

    • Gathering data

      During this phase, we start to gather data. This can be done in several ways; however, the most common way is to gather data electronically via the Internet.

    • Processing and presentation

      Having gathered data, we present the results by means of graphs, tables and charts. This provides possibilities for interpretation, decision making and setting of individual goals.

    • Anchoring

      Together with the results, we present you with propositions and concrete tools so that you, as a business, can apply the result and move on, thus developing on a continuous basis.

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