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Meng NPS

For every business, loyal customers are essential, as these will be increasingly remunerative, purchase more and recommend your business to their network.

When working with Net Promoter Score® (NPS), it is precisely the loyalty of your customers that you reveal. Meng & Company a/s not only offers you an NPS analysis, but an easily accessible platform combined with many years of experience and powerful skills within customer relations.

Meng NPS
It is important to have insights into what your customers think – and here we have a powerful tool! Our solution is simple, efficient, flexible and competitively priced. Reports are established to identify your exact needs and are, of course, real-time updatable.


The Process
The Meng & Company a/s point of departure is always the current situation in which your business finds itself; however, from an overall point of view, the journey towards increasingly loyal customers consists of five stages:

  1. Identification of needs
    We start the process by creating clarity about the purpose of this journey. What do your customers think today? What is the potential? Which insights do you wish to achieve, and how do we reach this goal together?
  2. Setup and test
    This is where we unfold our tool. We do all the necessary work, including setup, in order to identify your target group.
  3. Gathering data
    During this phase, we embark on gathering data. This is done via mail, text messages or business cards and is tailored individually. The data gathering method depends on the target group.
  4. Intro and presentation
    When data gathering has been initiated, we introduce you to the report module, which is a dashboard where you can choose various filters if you so wish. You are given access to your own individual portal and, in the event you have several entities that need access to their own results, we can also accommodate that.
  5. Training and tools
    Carrying out the surveys will not, by itself, add value to your business in the short or long run – actions are required; actions that have been tailored to your specific situation and challenges, and here a development course; the surveys will help to identify actions which can be profitable to you.

NPS is a little like a fitness rating. If you wish to improve your physical health, you have to stick to your training. It is not enough merely to occasionally determine your fitness rating! Your business will not increase its number of loyal and profitable customers by carrying out an NPS survey. You have to train all the time and set new goals for your business.

By training and developing your employees, you will achieve a higher level of job satisfaction, which again will influence the total level of customer satisfaction. We have more than 27 years of experience with hands-on training and execution and do not regard NPS surveys as an individual activity, but rather as an ongoing tool which continuously measures customer loyalty. And we will concurrently supplement it with specifically selected initiatives which will add profit to your investment.

About Net Promoter Score®

NPS is a simple, but widely acknowledged method that can help your business with an indication of its number of ”ambassadors” who will recommend your business to others in their network. The method has been prepared by a research team led by Fred Reichheld back in 2003, that tested a series of questions to find the ultimate question that best describes customer behaviour. The team ended up with the following question: ”How likely is it that you would recommend [brand] to a friend, family member or colleague?”

NPS is a simple method of measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty by means of one simple question!

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