Give you and your business the licence to THRILL® each other and your customers with a cognitive-based training method that will strengthen the four pillars on which your business is based.

We believe that the best way to learn something is by actually doing it. In the course of the past 30 years, we have achieved positive results in more than 200 international and exceptional businesses, and they all share our conviction.

We believe that change comes from the inside. From each individual person in the organisation. Our experience shows us that the right way to achieve the desired changes comes through motivation, coaching and training consistently, via hands-on experiences anchored in THRILL® and relevant examples from everyday life in the business.

THRILL® is a cognitive-based training method which provides you and your business with a Licence to THRILL® one another and your customers. It is a development tool which is used by thousands of employees for strengthening leadership, teams, customer relations, sales, work atmosphere and results in general. And it works!

THRILL® is an acronym and the letters have their own meaning and symbolizes engagement and enthusiasm, a sparkle in the eye, passion – and a desire to be part of the solution.

The letters in THRILL represent 6 key aspects:
Timely, Helpful, Raving, Interested, Listening, Legendary playful

The method is the result of our collaboration with exceptional teams and businesses around the world since 1990, and its tools are based on the select conditions that can upgrade excellent teams.

Make a difference with THRILL®
The THRILL® concept and having the THRILL® factor are mostly about being passionate about great experiences. About being on your toes and being attentive. We regard every single guest/customer as a human being and see him/her as an obvious chance of making a difference – here and now.

Working with THRILL® in countless different organisations has proved that the method is an excellent catalyst for promoting commitment to work and the desire to contribute on one’s own initiative with outstandingly good service, together with the desire to anchor specific targets and goals.

THRILL® is often described as the fertiliser that has been missing from attempts to promote the already existing strategy – and which eventually creates the desired growth through good customer/guest experiences.

From an overall perspective, THRILL® rests on four dimensions which constitute the pillars upon which most businesses and organisations rest:

  • Employee commitment
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Sales and earnings
  • Loyalty/customer and employee retention, together with resource exploitation.

THRILL® Training KIT

THRILL® is in constant development and consists today of dilemma games (cards or app), inspiring films and introductory DVDs, training manuals, 300 scenarios, dilemmas and role-play activities concerning the development of relationships, teams, sales and experiences, as well as the book, The World’s Greatest Service, THRILL® armbands and banners for visualisation, etc. The entire concept is tailorable for any business, team or task. And, of course, we can also tailor workshops, etc. for managers and employees.

THRILL® is available in Danish, Swedish, English, Spanish and German and can easily be adapted to other languages.

The products are available individually by contacting Meng & Company a/s at +45 70 21 23 45.

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